In industries, adhesive application can have many kinds of choices. Some industries use the cold glue as type of adhesive. It can be considered safer and more convenient to use because it does not need high temperature that will be needed to melt down the granulate material as in hot melt adhesive. Then, there are packaging industries that will need different types of seals, such as silicone liners and tear strip. In this case, Robatech becomes solution to get those application solutions for adhesive. The manufacturer can provide all necessary tools and technology to work with adhesives.

Great Speed and High Precision in Adhesive Application

Robatech has many choices of products. Technologies, equipment, and modular tools are provided or various applications of glue and adhesives. Although each of them has different models and specification, Robatech provides same points in each of them, and it is the high speed and precision. Both speed and precision become key performances offered by Robatech. The technology can work in machine speed, so it is much faster than the manual work. Even if it uses high speed, the technology works meticulously so the results have high details and precisions. This is something that makes products Robatech very special.

Great Tear Strip Application

One of the examples is the technology for tear strip application. In recent years, tear strips become popular choices of seals for packages. Instead of using the silicone seals, tear strip is more convenient to use because people can break the seal very easily by pulling one of the tips and it will not damage the package. Because of that, many industries need the technology for tear strip application. Robatech can provide the solution. It can work very quickly because the technology can work in high speed. Many meters of tear strip application can be completed in minutes. Of course, it is easy to set the technology, so it is very easy to use, and it works automatically.