Rubber screens are generally used for filtering materials and are probably suited in wet areas where metal screens aren’t used. We offer various ranges of high-performance rubber screen mats from leading factories.

What are the benefits of rubber screen mats?

Pro-Gum products have several benefits over stainless steel, including reduced corrosion, lower noise levels, and outstanding abrasion resistance. They are lighter than wire and harp screens while more cost-effective because they offer a much longer shelf life, generally outlasting steel by a ratio of four to one.

What are the benefits of polyurethane?

Rubber screen mats have numerous benefits that you can count on over polyurethane screens. Like they are less likely to break soft or small particles into smaller sizes used in coal industries.

It is also lively and prevents blinding and begging. It offers outstanding impact and wears resistance out on all platforms where particles tend to gage more than 3mm, and the outcome is on the surface rather than slipping off.

The basic features of rubber screen mats include:

  • Low noise level, noncorrosive in wet conditions
  • Does not suffer from putting or stress corrosion (featuring in the presence of water)
  • Does not suffer from fatigue which is good in acceleration by the vibration of the screen
  • Very cost-effective
  • Rapidly growing from stock to specific requirements
  • Good at dry abrasion resistance

Rubber mats provide better protection as compared to other types of screen floor mats. Rubber screen mats are durable and designed to withstand harsh climates’ elements better than carpet car floor mats, and they are made to withstand high-level dirt environments.

Rubber car mats are ideal for wet weather, as they don’t soak up rainwater from your shoes and can quickly be dried. They can effortlessly be cleaned, meaning that if you spill something sticky or firm smelling onto your mats, they should be cleaned with water.

If you’re searching for something that will provide the most significant amount of protection and still look better, rubber screen mats are usually the way to go. They last longer and protect against spills and adverse weather.

Screening allows for all your requirements

We indulge in delivering rubber screen mats specific to your requirements and punched accordingly using the latest computerized presses. All our screens, cloth, and mats are manufactured under our space with the highest quality polyester tire chord to reduce elongation.

How are insulating rubber screens useful?

They have many benefits, such as anti-slip, acid retardant, and alkali, as well as some slight cushioning for workers’ joints. Along with all these, your insulating rubber mats work if you take proper care of them.

Rubbers are the most versatile insulating materials against thermal and electrical stimuli. The applications of rubbers are already known to us. Either domestically or industrially, rubbers are used everywhere due to two essential properties:

1- Elasticity

2- Insulation against heat and electricity.

Domestic use of rubber as an insulator can be seen in wire coating, the handle of utensils, the base of electrical equipment, and many more.

More effective use of rubber mats which are preferred by many industries. Rubber mats cover the floor surrounding the equipment and the electrical panel to avoid contact of the operator with the earth during operation.

Last words

Rubber screens are very essential parts of our daily lives. Feel free to contact us.