Jigsaw puzzles are really fun to solve! Especially with your favourite pooch by your side. But what if your thousand-piece puzzle is difficult to solve? You may be stuck with matching a particular piece. How do we go about resolving it?

A 1000-piece dog puzzle can be a bit tricky to solve. Seeing so many pieces with fur can make anyone feel a bit dizzy. You can start by organising the corner pieces and separating the edge pieces. Also, choose a large, dedicated space to solve your puzzle. The room should be quiet so you can concentrate. Continue by building each body part of the dog in the puzzle separately. Once that is done, you can easily combine all parts to complete your puzzle.

As we see, with a few organised steps, you can complete any 1000-piece puzzle in Australia. So let us see how to go about each step in detail.


Setting up the workspace and pieces

You need a serene, spacious place with lots of light and a flat surface to start. So let us see how to go about it!

  • Workspace setup

Although simple, this is a pretty important phase. Solving a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in Australia will take you a few days or even some weeks. So it would be difficult, if not impossible, to transport a half-finished puzzle midway in case of a disturbance.

Pick a completely flat surface to solve your puzzle. That way, any indents won’t disturb you. Check for the size of your puzzle and choose a surface of that size or a bit bigger. Also, ensure quiet and calmness, that help you focus on solving your jigsaw puzzles australia quickly.

  • Collating similar pieces

Next, turn all your pieces face side up. This lets you look at and compare most pieces with the final picture. Now look for pieces with similar patterns or textures. Group all such pieces. Avoid immediately starting to solve the Personalised puzzle. For now, just group the pieces and keep them separately. If there are no distinguishable patterns, try sorting by colour. This is a great way to break down your puzzles into smaller sections. It gives you a psychological advantage and makes it easier to solve.

  • Solving the puzzle

Once you have made yourself comfortable, let us move on to the challenging part. Understanding the picture and solving the puzzle!

  • Build the edges

Now that you have sorted the pieces and set up a quiet place to solve them let us begin solving the puzzle. Out of the mini-groups of puzzle pieces created, start picking out the corners and edges. Doing this with a partner or friend is a fun way to spend your lazy afternoons. So get someone to join in on the fun! You all can start by joining all the edge pieces to create all four edges of the puzzle. Set and join all four edges to create the final framework of the jigsaw puzzle.

  • Solving different parts of the dog

Your friend sent you this lovely dog puzzle knowing how much you love them! After the complicated part of organising and creating the framework is done, you can concentrate on different parts of the puzzle. Pick a different body part of the dog you can solve. Start with the face, or maybe try finding all four feet first. You could even start with the tail first, as it is thin and easily noticeable. After finishing one body part, move on to the next. Do this until you complete each part and there is no free, unconnected piece of the jigsaw puzzle left.

  • Combining the pieces

When all the portions are done, it is time to join them all together. Using the reference pictures help, initially place each part in the proper area of the puzzle. Keep them inside the boundary of the four connected edges created earlier.

Slowly combine all the parts as you keep placing them next to each other. Keep creating bigger parts this way. You will finally join all parts over time to create the whole puzzle! Once this is done, don’t forget to combine them with the framework of edges you had made earlier.


Now that you have your complete jigsaw puzzle solved, it feels like quite an accomplishment, doesn’t it? These steps give good direction to those who are lost in the sea of puzzle pieces. Let our article act as an anchor for you. This fun activity is also great for parties and corporate events. So if you want 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles delivered all over Australia, visit our site on Smoochy Poochy today. Order a puzzle for yourself or your canine-loving friends!