Everyone loves puzzles. Children, adults, teenagers everyone alike. Family nights are fun while spending them playing puzzles. Nowadays, one can easily order a large 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from their cozy home in Australia. Want to gift a puzzle to your friend?

What are the top puzzles perfect for every Australian?

There is a wide array of puzzles to choose from. You have puzzles made from photographs of the scenic Surfer’s paradise or Great Barrier Reef for your friends in Queensland. For your artsy friend, pick a puzzle with a cool psychedelic design. As an HR gift for your office teams, you can gift corporate puzzles to stimulate team-building activities and have loads of fun! There are plenty of Australian jigsaw puzzles to choose from.

Make fun puzzles of your favourite memories too! Order a puzzle for your loved ones to remind them of special times. Let’s look at some more great puzzle gift ideas.

1. Corporate Puzzles

A great team building exercise, gift an awesome 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle to your team. This is great for large teams where everyone can participate. There are even smaller sets of 120 to 200 pieces too, for teams of smaller sizes. You can even custom make your puzzles by keeping the company logo or the office buildings as the puzzle design. This makes it more fun!

2. Kids Puzzles

Is there a kid’s party in your new neighbourhood? As the new neighbours, you look forward to meeting the others in your neighbourhood. What’s more perfect than a party? Gift their sweet kids with a large 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and make their day.

Easily ship their present from all over Australia for $28 to $31 dollars. Choose from lovely Ducks to huge dinosaurs. There are exciting designs like the little mermaid for all the cute princesses. Or cute unicorns and butterflies. Pick the loveliest one today!

3. Puzzles by place!

This is a great gift for your friends from New South Wales, Queensland, and Melbourne. Photographs of scenic places from these beautiful parts of Australia are now available as jigsaw puzzles. Therefore, send your friends from New South Wales puzzles of exciting photographs of Bondi Beach.

Moreover, Queenslanders can be thrilled with Burleigh Heads and Kirra Beach puzzles. Order jigsaw puzzles of all sizes and pieces and send them all over Australia. Your friends and family will thank you for the exciting evenings they now have to look forward to.

4. Create your puzzle!

Now, it’s easy to capture your sweet memories of outings and vacations and gift them to loved ones. Create jigsaw puzzles Australian  out of memorable and favourite photos. Gift them to your loved ones as a special surprise. All you need to do is upload the image and place your order.

Choose anywhere between 30-to-1000-piece puzzles. Each puzzle costs from around $30 to $59 a set. It is a great gifting option for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even birthdays!

5. Puzzles by occasion

 Be it your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s birthday, jigsaw puzzles make everyone’s day fun and special. You can even order Australian jigsaw puzzles for your friend’s pet. Yes, you heard that right! Their pet! Here are the different occasions to gift for.

● Birthday jigsaws

Surprise your favourite cousin in college with an exciting jigsaw puzzle. You can share your favoured memory with him/her with a custom puzzle anywhere in Australia.

● Pet lover puzzles

Now gift your friend an awesome gift on their pet’s birthday or graduation! Turn their favourite memory into a cute jigsaw puzzle with their beloved cat or dog.

● Wedding puzzles

Gift a memorable surprise to your friends by making their favourite wedding memories into jigsaw puzzles. Many of us attended virtual weddings this past year. Make the occasion more special by having it delivered all over Australia.


Australian jigsaw puzzles are fun and let you bond with friends and family. They make nice gifts too for birthdays and anniversaries. You can easily place an order and send your loved ones these puzzles in every part of Australia.